Drownload Festival 2016

Last weekend was an important one, I got to live out a teenage dream and go to Download Festival. We camped in cheap tents and ate overpriced food, and it was great. While we were ankle-deep in cold mud for three days, it seems the weather at Donington Park was well known.


The weather came close to ruining the day on Friday. We were waiting for Baby Metal when the torrential rain began, but respect to them for coming out and playing an amazing set. Dry socks saved the day, and it went on to be a fantastic weekend.


We were some of the lucky ones, we set up camp in White Camp which turned out to be the best decision after seeing the flooding further down the campsite. However, my disposable cameras did not fare well. Unfortunately, they got damp in my bag and got slightly water damaged meaning I lost some photos. However, I took plenty and a bit of water damage can add a lot of character to an otherwise boring shot!


Highlights of the weekend included Anti Flag and Avatar. I knew very little of Avatar but they stole the show on Saturday morning. Of course, it goes without saying that Black Sabbath were the stand out act of the weekend for me. Hearing that infamous introduction to their self-titled track during a downpour is defiantly ‘life goals’ material!

Overall, an unforgettable weekend. By Sunday night I was ready for some dry clothes and a quiet night sleep without planes taking of from, what seemed like, on top of my tent. For now, I have had my festival fix but we’ll see what happens next year!


Packaging Porn – Amon Amarth’s JOMSVIKING

A bit of back story – We’re trying to buy albums on vinyl now when possible, especially when they come with a CD or digital download. So when Amon Amarth’s ‘Jomsviking’ was released I got down to HMV and found one lonely copy there on the shelf. Naturally, I had to buy it.

This isn’t a review of the album, we all know it’s fantastic and Amon Amarth never disappoint. Unless you’re not into that kind of thing, then who doesn’t love a bit of great packaging?

So I bought it, all wrapped up. Got it home and couldn’t wait to open it.

DSC_0060.jpgAll as expected, right?  WRONG. The whole thing felt quite thick, which I’d put down to it being double disk.

So I opened it up and…


Oh Great Odin’s Raven! It’s pop-up.




Isn’t that just a thing of beauty?

I have a fair collection of Amon Amarth records and have always been impressed, from bright pink vinyl to pop-up, 100% worth the extra cash.

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How Photographing Bees Prepared Me – Transferable Skills

Back in the third year of studying graphic design, I did my final major project about bee decline. This included photographing bees. Lots, and lots of bees. I would wait for the perfect day, go to one of my known bee spots and do shoots of 800+ photos, with maybe five really successful images.


This was different from anything I had done before. I was used to landscapes and shop fronts. They don’t really move much, and that is not calling it ‘easy’. Landscapes bring a whole different bag of challenges. Bees however, without me knowing it, prepared me for photographing gigs.

Completely different lenses and settings, but that experience shooting hundreds of images in a fast-moving and unpredictable situation to only get a handful of great photographs at the end of it was invaluable.

I’m all for bringing past experiences into new work and using what I have already learned to make something new a little easier. Looking into what will happen in the next few months, I have my first wedding booked. Am I terrified? Of course. But reflecting on this makes me feel a little more prepared.

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