How Photographing Bees Prepared Me – Transferable Skills

Back in the third year of studying graphic design, I did my final major project about bee decline. This included photographing bees. Lots, and lots of bees. I would wait for the perfect day, go to one of my known bee spots and do shoots of 800+ photos, with maybe five really successful images.


This was different from anything I had done before. I was used to landscapes and shop fronts. They don’t really move much, and that is not calling it ‘easy’. Landscapes bring a whole different bag of challenges. Bees however, without me knowing it, prepared me for photographing gigs.

Completely different lenses and settings, but that experience shooting hundreds of images in a fast-moving and unpredictable situation to only get a handful of great photographs at the end of it was invaluable.

I’m all for bringing past experiences into new work and using what I have already learned to make something new a little easier. Looking into what will happen in the next few months, I have my first wedding booked. Am I terrified? Of course. But reflecting on this makes me feel a little more prepared.

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