Identifying Portfolio Gaps and Some ’90s Girl Power!

It was about four months ago when I looked through my portfolio and realised that aside from weddings, I only have about three ladies in there. Appalling, I know! We had to fix that, so my beautiful friend Charley and I took to Southampton Common for a fun, relaxed and somewhat rainy photoshoot.


For the shoot, I chose to use the Daguerreotype Achromat art lens. [Click here to read my first impressions of the lens.] With prior experience using this lens in very similar conditions, I knew how fantastic it would be and how I needed to use it. With the added glow created at low aperture, it was the perfect choice. From there it was as simple as having fun, creating great work and learning as we go.



I adored this photoshoot, there’s something strikingly unique about photographing fabulous ladies such as Charley. Power, vulnerability, and everything in between. As a creative person, it is essential to identify these gaps in one’s portfolio and most importantly, aim to fill those gaps. Girl power!

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