Obscure and Intimidating // The Accidental Masterpiece

Since writing my dissertation and exploring the city of Southampton, there are few places left un-photographed. Earlier this week I decided to visit one of those few places. In particular, a building which always grabs my attention but it full of questions.


Having spent about 30 minutes shooting the front of this strange building, I decided to call it a day and went home to edit. The photograph above is an example of what I was working with. I wanted to show the mystery behind this piece of abandoned architecture and portray how I viewed it – obscure and intimidating.

Focusing on details, I began making a series of images which I believe delivered the results I wanted…


…and then my laptop froze. So I did what any calm and collected adult would do and started clicking my mouse all over the screen hoping it would help. After a short wait it came back to life and somehow my clicking had resulted in me inverting the photograph. Initially this reversed image was nothing worth keeping and I switched it back but then I decided I would explore a little more.





This series of images are the result of that experimentation. An enormous amount of editing went into these, but I enjoy them either way. It is possible I enjoy them because those qualities I liked about the location are exaggerated into a horror-esque scene with almost inky print texture.

It’s part of my practice to push editing a little too far, as can be seen with some of my previous work. Now I am thinking of ways to incorporate this into my portraiture work too!


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