Jamie Livingston – Some Photos of That Day // Polaroid ZIP

January 1st 2017 was the start of a new year and a new project. To take and print one photograph a day. Easy for someone who calls themselves a photographer huh? Well yes, but I was in, and still am in, a creative rut – this project is an attempt to get out of that rut.


The story of Jamie Livingston inspired this idea. In late 2016, a video went viral about a man called [Jamie Livingston] who took a photograph everyday between 1979 and 1997. The photographs are intimate, personal and ordinary – Everyday life and progression documented through one single image per day.

If you’re interested in the thousands of [photographs] taken by Jamie Livingston, try finding your birthday, or other important life event. What happened on the day of your birth, or the day you got married? Below is the photograph from 30th August 1992, the day I was born.



The images by Jamie stop on 25th October, 1997. I do not want to spoil it because I want everyone to appreciate the photographs for themselves but 1997 looks like an emotional year.



For my own project, I have included some more modern techniques to produce and display the photographs. Each image is taken on my mobile phone, and then printed using the Polaroid ZIP instant printer. Of course I adore instant cameras, but it is not always practical to carry one around and take it to work etc. I always have my phone with me, so no excuses! Below, I have put together a collection of my personal favourites from January.

This ongoing project can be seen over on a dedicated [Instagram page]. As the collection grows, I will do more follow up posts and see how my technique changes and develops.


External Links

[Jamie Livingston]
[Instagram Page]
[Polaroid ZIP Instant Printer]


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