May Master’s Update

The proposal has been handed in, the Master’s question (first draft?) has been written, and the next couple of months will be both terrifying and thrilling.


(I’m still learning…)

Urban Renewal: What are the observable effects of post-war regeneration in Southampton?

It all began with romantic thoughts of Blackpool during the sixties, and now I’m looking into Brutalism? It was quite the journey but the result is a project with more grounding and hopefully more structured results.

If there’s two things I love (besides my rockstar boyfriend and teenage band crushes) it’s photography and history. This way I get to dive into Southampton’ historical archives and still experiment with photographic techniques. What more could I want?

Step one is reading, lots, and lots of reading. This is a subject I know very little about and I want to learn something new.

So here we go, The Master’s project has begun!





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