IKEA : Katie Eary GILTIG Collection

Katie Eary  | IKEA Collection

The work featured in this article is all that of Katie Eary and the images taken from IKEA.com

Image from IKEA.com

Last week we went to IKEA, which is always exciting (as well frustrating, exhausting…) I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but there were some new pieces I had not seen before. All the prints were very striking but it wasn’t until later on that I learned all those designs I loved were by the same person – Katy Eary.

Included in the collection are t-shirts and tote bags. This seemed different for IKEA but I later learned that Katie Eary is a men’s fashion designer. Now I know very little about the fashion industry, but I found it intriguing how the style and designs could be transferred between homeware and fashion.

Image from IKEA.com

In an interview about the collection, Katie shows an interest in bringing personality into the home and speaks about being able to get to know a person through their home.

“Furniture is the last thing left for your true identity.”  – Katie Eary.


If you haven’t already, check out the collection online or in store. If eyeballs on a cushion aren’t for you, there’s plenty of stuff with cats on!



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